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Hi all

I'm in my 40's and I want to get trained as a professional butcher. My goal is to open my own butchershop, smokehouse, and deli/charcuterie store. I know a guy that might take me on as an apprentice for a few months if I first learn the basics, but he doesn't know of any schools.

Does anyone know of a school or program that can get me up to speed on the basics, something beyond the classes typically offered in culinary schools? I don't really have 5-10 years to spare working in a supermarket's meat department, but I'm not looking to get on that career path, anyway. I'm more wanting to focus my efforts so that I can be a competent small business operator in about 3-5 years.

So far, I've located an associates degree program in Meat Processing and Food Safety at Eastern Oklahoma State College, that's been around since the early 1970's. It looks pretty promising, especially since I already have enough credits to be able to jump right into the meat training courses. I could be done with it in about a year.

So, that's what I'm looking for, something really comprehensive that would educate me enough to apprentice with this guy.

Thanks for any info you may have!

PS: I've been in the restaurant industry for years and I've helped out on a couple of hogs and a few deer and other game, so I'm not a complete stranger to this. As a professional cook, I'm finding that my interest is really gravitating towards working exclusively with meat. Becoming a trained butcher seems like a good first step. Thanks again.
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i searched a long time and have finally decided on bridgerlnd tech in utah
its an opened ended course meaning you can start and finsish at your pace. the program in arizona also looks good but is closed for rebuild till sept. penn state has a min two week program and there are a few others like miss. etc
email me and i can tell you all the things i've aifted through on the internet and what was actually useful
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Thank you for reaching out to us. We are currently collaborating on plans for a school in 2013. We have done some research about what programs are offered here in the states- I will post that info in the next couple days.

We recently launched the BG Training Placement Program. As you already mentioned, a good place to start is to intern/stage with someone who is already successful in the industry. This way you can see where your passions lie before you make a big financial commitment. Got to our website here and fill out the form to enroll in the program. We send your application out to all of our members (we have a few members in Texas). If you later apply to become a member of The Butcher's Guild, we are of great assistance to our members in business and inspiration. BG Members are taking back the trade, they are the future of butchery in this country
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You may also want to check out your state meat association. Here is the website:
There you will be able to get in touch with many butchers in Texas also.
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Here is another association you may want to contact:
They are full of members always looking to further themselves and the meat industry.
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