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I'm Levi a 28 year old union carpenter from Ohio. I have been tired of my trade for some time. I have no passion for it anymore, but it's what pays the bills. I have worked in a Jewish deli when I was younger where they cooked there meats in house. Food as I see it is what everyone needs and a good place to start saving the environment and help to revitalize the food culture that America lost from the industrialization of our food.

I have been thinking of becoming a butcher for the past few years but never knew a good place to start. I have never killed an animal besides a fish. I have chopped up a cleaned chicken to cook it. Other than that I have no experience. I don't expect to become a butcher in a few weeks or months. I was wondering if there are weekend classes anywhere. I would apply for jobs and learn on the job, but there's not many butchers around me. On top of that they could not pay me what I make now. I have tried to talk to the few that are around and they were not so interested in teaching me. I think my goals would be to take some classes if there are any or to find someone to teach me and see if I like it and if so learn. then start a part time weekend business butchering for the farmers and friends until I could gain enough experience to run a proper shop. If you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.
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Hi Levi,
I'm not sure what part of Ohio you're from but we are looking for an apprentice meat cutter in Solon OH just southeast of Cleveland. If you're interested reply to
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You mentioned shops not able to pay what you make now. I don't know about Ohio, but in California butchers don't make nearly as much as union carpenters regardless of their experience.. It's not a money thing for most of us and we are willing to sacrifice some luxuries for work we love.
Good luck out there.
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