I am a chef looking to work underneath a quality butcher to learn to breakdown sides of beef/pork/lamb. I have done some hogs and portioned cuts for restaurant service but I have not done the stages before this. I am in the beginning phase of a start up plan that has a small fabrication area/ butcher shop inside of a eatery/restaurant. I will work for free and do any job in your butcher house.I am ready to go and I could be at your door as soon as tomorrow depending on the drive time.

I also would consider places that are to far for driving and I could fly in and stay close by you in a hotel as long as daily I am getting my hands dirty and learning! Any thoughts or help will be greatly appreciated with a great dining credit when I open my doors to the public for the ones who help my journey. I am a generous guy! Please somebody must be out there that will show/let me work with you and share your knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you.


Chef Marc Melanson