we're a 140-year old family farm in the Appalachian mountains, looking for specialty/whole animal butcher shops to work with.

We have about 10 steers that we had raised for a customer who is now not able to take them and they are without a home and we're needing to move them. We'd like to work with shops in the "greater Appalachian region" - Southeast & Mid-Atlantic - but we're able to ship most anywhere along the East Coast, and I've talked to one trucking company who can get our product to Southern California for an affordable rate.

We raise specially bred steers from English breed stock, mostly Angus and Hereford (our family brought Hereford farming to NC in the late 1800's), raised on pasture with "no shortcuts" - dry aged with no steroids, antibiotics, feedlots, etc. - the way we used to do it.

We've got a specialty product, and look to work closely with a few shops, and we work to have a relationship, not just be a vendor - hopefully this would be an opportunity to start building a longer term relationship.

contact us at shipleyfarmsbeef@gmail.com, or reply back with any questions or suggestions.


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