Are you someone with a deep passion for the art and craft of meat cutting? Do you get excited to share your knowledge and passion for local, quality meat with others? If so, then you might fit in well in our Meat & Seafood Department as our next Meat Cutter!

We take a lot of pride in our Meat & Fish Department as it is truly like none other. We are working with local meat and poultry that is sourced from farms we know and trust. Our Meat Cutters understand the importance of what our Meat & Fish Department is striving for and takes great pride in the work that they do. Guests will be promptly and genuinely cared for when they approach the Meat Counter and will be met by passionate and knowledgeable Cutters who if they do not know the answer will do everything in their power to get the customer what s/he wants or needs.

Please contact Emily at for more information!