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I'm at a loss. There are no butcher shops in my area and I can't find a "butcher school", if there is such a thing. I wouldn't mind joining the Guild, but I'd hate to pay the money, only to be told I can't be help.

*Name David Talley

*Contact Info

*Where are you located? Florida Panhandle

*What is your butchery experience, if any? some meat cutting

*Are you looking to stage/intern or be hired? intern

*What are you most interested in learning?

*Cutting (meat cutting & butchery)

*Curing (value-added meat processing)

*Creating (cooking with whole animals)
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American Butchers in Nebraska -
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PDX, portland meat exchange. try getting a job in the meat dept of whole foods if travelling/moving is not available. good place to start. at least you can pay bills while learning a but, thwn use the corp to your advantage to transfer to a location with more prosperity.
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