Dundore and Heister, a sustainable whole animal butcher shop headquartered in Wyomissing PA is looking for a trainee butcher to join our growing team. As part of the traditional foodway that makes Pennsylvania so special, the excellent meat to be sourced in our area needs excellent butchers to source and prepare it. We’re looking for dedicated individuals who are interested in the craft, and motivated to learn. Former culinary experience/education preferred but not required.

Our butchers are highly skilled in every stage of the butchery process, from whole animal breakdown to case cutting and sausage making and have extensive experience teaching the next generation of butchers. As you come on board you will learn every aspect of whole animal butchery, as well as get a chance to interact with customers and hone your customer service skills.

This is a Paid position which requires the ability to lift at least 50 pounds and work on nights and weekends.
Bill Cavanaugh
Business Manager
Dundore and Heister