Greetings all Butchers and Chefs. We are looking to fill a position at Echo & Rig, one of Las Vegas’ best butcher shops and steakhouses. Echo & Rig has made a name for itself through strong customer service, devotion to a whole animal & high quality charcuterie program and incredible quality meat.
Our shop needs a new manager. This candidate requires an understanding of the needs of both a wholesale cutting program for our restaurant as well as a retail butcher shop. This candidate must have a comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft excel and how to properly report daily yield reports and communicate both personally and professionally with both upper level management and guests at the shop. The position also requires a cursory knowledge of HACCP and the ability to maintain a currently approved plan. (Knowledge of how to adapt, change or implement a plan is valuable)
This is a full time position, compensation will be rewarded based on experience.

Email us at members@thebutchersguild for referrals