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Hello! My name is Julia Paige and I am a student at the University of Michigan. I am currently in the process of writing an article about eating offal for a journalism class. I am writing to see if someone at The Butcher's Guild would be willing to speak with me about the topic. I know that offal is something frequently featured on your Facebook page, and I have looked at your "offal wonderful" campaign. Please get back to me either via Facebook or at Thank you for your time!
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Well Julia, Its your lucky day! My family harboured the butcher who first discovered offal back in the 1870s. He taught us his secrets and my grandfather isolated himself in the deep woods, in order to perfect his offal craftsmanship. I am well versed in every facet of offal construction.

In fact, when I joined the guild, I was instantly nominated as the foremost expert on offals. Never before has a man ever had such innate mastery of any branch of butchery. I have been awarded the butchers' black knife. The legend states was crafted on the first night of butchery. Whether you believe such tales or not is not important, as I'm sure you'll understand the skill I have when it comes to offal mastery
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