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Ia anyone using a tablet style POS system? We are looking at one for our shop. Question is that the scales just show weight, and no place for any plu/sku to tell the price... will all have to be hand written. This seems terribly slow and with little accountability. Hoping there's someone out there who is using this system?
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I was evaluating Revel, a tablet style POS system, a while back.

This is the scale Revel was recommending:
They quoted me $1500 for that scale.

I still may go with Revel but I never got farther with them than the quote. I would be very interested to know what point of sales systems other butcher shops are using and if anyone is using one of the newer systems like Revel or NCR Silver.
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We use Revel pos system and have been really happy with them. I decided not to use their "grocery" scale and instead use hobart quantums. These print out bar codes, which are read from the scanner on the revel system and all of the sales are tracked really well. People told me the ipad pos system would be too slow, but that hasn't been our experience at all (maybe we're lower traffic than y'all?)
We're a whole animal butchery in nc and our products are changing all the time. And their support has been good too. Anyhow, feel free to call the shop if you have questions. I've been really happy with revel and might as well put in a good word for them

left bank butchery
336 525 2092
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At Fleishers we use Revel both in all of our four whole-animal butcher shops, as well as our restaurant. It's a better retail POS than a food service POS, for sure. We use CAS LP-1000N scales in the shops, which work fine with Revel once you figure out the proper barcode type and CAS's completely unintuitive 1980s software. If you have a large space or multiple POS stations, I'd recommend getting a good IT person to ensure that your wifi network is up to the challenge. Our experience with support has been mixed. Happy to discuss further over phone or email.

Sam Garwin
Fleishers Craft Butchery
718-971-5331 x7101
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