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Last year we purchased a slaughter / processing plant that was USDA inspected when it shut down a few years ago. Currently we are custom processing to build/train crews. Our goal is to apply for a writ of inspection early next year. We are located in the middle of the Nebraska sandhills where there are more cattle than people. We have been talking to
a number of ranchers out here and have access to all classifications of cattle, ie. grain finished, hormone/antibiotic free, grass-fed, organic,
and organic grass-fed. Our plant has the capability of slaughtering 60-80 head of beef a day. Obviously there is much work that needs to still happen before we are USDA inspected. Does anyone have any advice on developing a
wholesale meat brand? What market channels should we target (retail, foodservice, restaurants, etc.) and which product attributes are likely to be most successful (i.e., grass-fed, organic, etc.)? Any advice from those with their own meat brands is greatly appreciated.


Jacob Wingebach
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Hi Jacob,

Check out Story City Locker, I can send you an email intro if you are interested in talking with them.
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Personally, I'm not a believer in first hand slaughter, I prefer sloppy seconds, such as spam that is available in several meat loving flavours. I work as butcher, serving up some spam sausage that our customers love.
For extra taste, add a dash of paprika.
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